Qatar reintroduces pyjamas on 8+, may be selling upgrades

Qatar reintroduces pyjamas on 8+, may be selling upgrades

On my flight from Hong Kong to Doha on Sunday I learned that Qatar Airways recently re-introduced pyjamas for Business Class passengers on flights of 8 hours or longer, and they come with slippers. I’ve also heard rumors that the airline is selling upgrades on a first come, first served basis. As of press time, neither development has been confirmed by Qatar in its Media Newsroom,┬áleaving open the possibility that they could be test balloons and subject to change.

The pyjamas are produced by The White Company (London) exclusively for Qatar Airways. The top is a standard long-sleeve shirt, and the trousers have an elastic band around the waist. The trouser’s predecessors featured a drawstring waist band and pockets.

Qatar used to give pyjamas in Business on most flights, but amended the rule a year or two ago to cover all flights of 10+ hours and slightly shorter red eyes. Slippers were only available on ultra-longhaul sectors.

The PJs are comfortable enough, but you can tell they’re not as expensive (nor heavy) as the old ones. For me, the loss of the pockets is reason enough to ditch the new trousers for my old ones on board.

The value-add in this case is the addition of the slippers on shorter flights.

Qatar now selling upgrades?

Two separate friends have recently tried upgrading from Economy to Business with miles, only to be told that no seats were available for award redemption, but could be bought on a first come, first served basis at a special fare. In both cases – Doha to Montreal and Paris CDG to Doha – the cost was USD500.

There are a few important points to draw from this – if it is happening. One, Qatar is in need of cash, and values that cash over points redemptions. Two, the value of their mileage program – which already had low redemption rate values – has just been reduced significantly.

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