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From a young age I’ve been fascinated by the art of flight. At first it was the pure wonder at how the massive planes – notably the 747s – left the ground and flew for hours to faraway places. My face was often pressed up against the windows at San Francisco International. Later it was the experience, from the seats to the service and the food. As my education progressed, I started following the commercial side of the business more closely.

On a June 2017 trip to Tokyo to visit a couple friends in the industry, they sat me down and convinced me to start publishing my analyses and flight notes. And thus here we are! The blog mostly covers oneworld airlines and US legacy carriers.

Please feel free to comment on and share the posts as you wish. The site is a work in progress so I welcome your feedback – you can reach me at info [at] aviationdistillery.com or on LinkedIN.

Thanks for reading!

Arsalan Barmand

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